Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Organization 101

Organizing. Really, can we ever get enough of it. Seems that I clean the house and then all of a sudden it is messy and back to looking like a bomb hit it. Really, can anyone have a clean, neat and organized house when you have children?! I am beginning to believe that you can't (but alas I know you can, maybe it is I can't...who knows?!) All I kow is that this past week I've been on a declutting and organizing mission. I started in my basement, where I installed many new shelves to store stuff on, then I got rid of ALOT of stuff...were talking 8 large rubbermaid containers of STUFF! Crap that my husband and I have been holding onto for a reason I do not know. Next, I moved onto getting rid of even more stuff, I decluttered our closet, managed to purge 2 rubbermaid containers and yet we still seem to have our walk in closet full! At least it is full with stuff I will wear and fits me (I purged everything that was too big or too small {except for one pair of skinny jeans that in my defense do button but are just a wee too snug}. I then proceeded to move all the baby clothing that was stored in a little room off my sons room down to the basement {where now it looks like we didn't even purge anything because I added 5 large rubbermaid containers of his clothing and he is only 2.5 years old- oops} and I also have one large container filled with my daughters stuff already (just her 0-3 month clothing as she is only 5 months old).

The house is starting to take shape but it's definetly a long process, what started off as just a cleaning the basement mission has turn into a whole house decluttering session. Long overdue though and I am glad that I started.

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