Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Computer-less Blogger

Sigh....the never ending saga of the computer-less blogger continues. I don't want to go weeks without a blog post so I've been blogging on my tablet but I have no sweet clue, none what-so-ever!! Luckily, my sweet, ah-maz-ing hubby just got new laptops at work and is starting to bring his home again on the weekends!! Yayyy. That means, currently at this very moment I am blogging from the comforts of a nice, new labtop. I wish it was mine, but (as my 2 year old would say) "Nope" it's not.

So now onto the planning. I LOVE it, I mean love with a capital L-O-V-E!! If I could I would go into party planning fulltime, but two issues with that, I love (again with the capital L-O-V-E) teaching too much and also, there really isn't a market here for it. So my son's 3rd birthday is September 30th and we'll be having his party on the Saturday before (which also happen's to be his daddy's birthday). To narrow down the theme was actually quite difficult. My kid is into everything, literally, no really....dinosaurs, super heros, scobby doo, robots, cars, trucks exterca, exterca. So I just let him pick and once it was picked it was done.

So he ended up picking dinosaurs and I thought "This is totally do-able, we should be able to find so many things dinosaur" Well I put my foot into my mouth.....last year I could find a million things dinosaur, this year not so much!! Luckily since I am the type A "over planner" I had months to find things.

Up next: The Big Day....Happy 3rd Birthday Connor William!

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