Sunday, 30 June 2013

A Special Year with a beautiful little girl

This post is old but I still wanted to post it because it is important to me and I want to remember it.

**From March 2013**
Awwhh I can't believe it, it's that time already.On February 28th, 2013 my little gal is one. I seriously do not now where the year has gone. We've had our ups and our downs. Breastfeeding was easier the second time round, but that isn't to say that it didn't have it's issues. We were able to make it to the 4 month mark and for that I am enternally grateful and please do not judge that I only made it month 4. Believe me I wanted to continue but sometimes life has other plans, and yes, we tried everything....extra water, oatmeal, lactation cookies, increased my calories, you name it I was there. Sometimes others are so quick to judge when they don't know they whole story. There are some people that I've encountered that are so pro breastfeeding that they don't understand that some of us just can't do it. To me it is much more important to have a happy daughter and a happy momma then to nurse. Madeline was losing weight, at 3 months she dropped to 8lbs 14oz (and this is from a little girl that was 8lbs 2oz at birth) So if that means she's on formula so be it. Maddie started using formula at 4 months and gained weight right away. Here are her 12 month stats:

Weight: 22lbs 14oz
Height: 30inches
Naps: Still 2 (am for about 2hrs & afternoon for about 1hr)
Bedtime: 6:30pm until 7:00am
Favorite Toy: Ride on Pony
Favorite Book: Maddie Moo
Walking: On her own no, but holding onto everything and walking that way.(and JUST today stood for 1 minute by.her.self!! So proud!! :D
Words: Mama, Dada, Papa, all done, more, milk, Rhonda, bro-bro, sock, shoe, tickle (she says it in 3's...ticka-ticka-ticka)
Lovely: Her lambie and blankie (and must sleep with sleep sheep)

She's a pretty little lady and I am so proud that I can call her my daughter. I love her and her brother to the moon and back and can not and I stress CAN NOT imagine life without either of them. Yes, they drive me nuts some times and they drive each other nuts (which leads me to feel like I am going crazy) but life without them would make no sense. I love you Madeline Josephine and Connor William Edward :)

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